Coconut Snap Biscuits

These coconut biscuits are super simple and super delicious! You need only 5 ingredients and how many baking recipes require the use of a hammer? Ok, the hammer part is optional but HIGHLY recommended after a rough day at work! They’re so simple that they’d be perfect for baking with kids. Here’s my recipe for…

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the perfect macaron

How to Make the Perfect Macaron

Macarons are notoriously difficult to make perfectly. They can seem to have a mind of their own and even repeating exactly the same steps each time can appear to give different results. I’ve spent hours and hours trying to make the prefect macaron and while I’ve not reached Ladurée standards, they aren’t too shabby. I…

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Summer Fruit Pavlova

Pavlovas are a deliciously great way to celebrate summer and as they contain so much fruit, they’re basically healthy, right? Just ignore the copious amounts of sugar used and focus on the fruit to make yourself feel better as you shovel the third slice on to your plate. Even though they look really impressive, they’re…

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