Crème Brûlée with Lime Zest

There’s something wonderfully 1970’s retro about crème brûlée. The fact is that it’s dead quick and easy to make and looks really impressive. Who doesn’t love to crack through that layer of caramelised sugar on the top and find the rich and creamy custard underneath? They’re just gorgeous! You need only 7 ingredients to make the perfect crème…

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Strawberry fraisier

Strawberry Fraisier

Strawberry Fraisers look stunning and taste even better! While not especially difficult to make, they do take time but they’re a great way to practice precise baking if you’re into that like I am. I’ve tried a couple of different strawberry fraisier recipes over the past year or so and this is definitely my favourite. It’s…

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Lime and basil tartlets

Lime and Basil Tartlets by Jacques Genin

I visited Paris a little while ago to try some of the best patisseries that the city (and world) had to offer. I did a ton of research so I could pack my short trip with as many great patisseries as possible. One place which kept cropping up time and again was a place called Jacques Genin….

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